Fall/Winter 2017/2018

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2017/2018  SUMMER !

The Alibi Team is excited for you this  season with fresh creative ideas.

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Haircuts and colors go hand-in-hand, as a package. Just as clothes are designed with  a specific vision of shape, color, and texture of fabric. A completed harmonious look is the best balance of all three elements, suited specifically to each individual.

2016 was all about experimentation with platinums, pastels, and brave bolder colors. In 2017, we predict a shift to softer tones, rose, pink, blue  babylights, caramel/amber hair painting, etc. These softer colors will be paired with strong lines and cuts that are not shy and stands out. And just an FYI, the bob/lob and fringe trend isn’t going anywhere. 

ALIBI 2017  spring summer Top Trends will be multiple fringe variations with effortless wavy & curly long lobs and shoulder bone lengths, highlighted with sun-kissed and candle light root shade hair colors.

The styling products used will be natural silicone free leave-in conditioners and cold pressed oils for rejuvenation and eliminating frizz, without build-up, creating a soft feel with lots of natural movement and natural color enhancing.


Being Yourself Is Powerful, Being Natural Is Beautiful

Give your natural curls texture & movement


                                                                                                                                                 Screen Shot 2016-07-06 at 8.50.44 AM

Now, more then ever, you should embrace your curls by using this season as a good excuse to give yourself and your hair some rest. Most likely, you carry extra weight on your shoulders and soon you will discover that your natural hair is where you feel the most attractive and comfortable. The secret is in the details of using the right texturizing methods, type of layers and using the right hair products. What you need to know about curly hair products: less is more, and the lighter the better for the curls. The Shem hair serum will eliminate frizz without residue, and Shem leave- in conditioner will define your curls, resulting in sexy curls.

Creams, gels and brushing curly hair belongs to the 80’s.

If you have curly hair, you need an ALIBI.

Koby ben

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                                                     SHEMEN means “oil” in ancient Aramaic, and was used for centuries to describe natural, luxurious skin and hair treatments and remedies.

S7 Hair Care was founded by Koby Ben and a team of innovative international hair stylists, and skin care pioneers based in New York City. They were determined to fill a void in the hair industry                                                                                                               by creating a one-of-a-kind, natural, cold pressed hair product line.

NO silicone | NO alcohol | NO parabens | NO sulfates | No animal testing

Vegan | Color-Safe | Keratin-Safe

                                                                               IMG_2289 shemen7_Black_Box_11Jan2016_Option1shemen7_natural_cold_pressed_hair_serum_12pack_2



I’m pretty sure that a lot of you out there have told yourselves that you’ll be changing up your looks this year, but how many of you have done anything at all? There are plenty of ways to update and change up your look. A great place to start is with baby steps. Nothing too bold or drastic all at once. Why not start with your hair? Here are some fun ways to change up your hair.

CHOP IT OFF – a lot of women are afraid to get short hair because it can be limiting, but what they often fail to realize is that it can also be liberating. You wouldn’t have to worry about styling it, keeping it tangle-free and decent-looking (even on a hectic day) or putting it up in an updo when you don’t want to be bothered with strands flying all around.Image: Pinterest

27-bronde_27 bronde_28


in styleCUT: Koby Ben + COLOR: Amanda May

As temperatures begin to drop, leaves fall, change is in the air. And guess what? so is our clients’ hair. For these gorgeous red carpet looks, Amanda May used painting color application techniques to achieve the most natural hair color look. To create soft, yet edgy longer layers, maintaining length, Koby Ben utilized shears and straight edge razor cutting techniques for soft edged layers both cut and color inspiration is baby’s hair.

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Bangs are back and have never looked better! Inspired and modified from the late 60’s/early 70’s when the world-famous French bombshell Brigitte Bardot’s style was unabashedly sexy. Cutting the heavy bangs was the perfect little detail that made this fashion icon sexier than ever. She made messy, piled-high up-dos the style of choice, and every girl wanted a piece of her signature confidence and look.

Ever wish you were around during the 1960s? You’re not alone. With the popularity of “Mad Men,” retro swimsuits, and the Beach Boys reunion tour, the ’60s are back in a big way. But it’s not the music or the fashion or the “free love” that we admire the most from this decade. Nope. We’re obsessed with ’60s hair.

Just what makes these retro hairstyles so appealing? Try height. “Hair was fashionable in the ‘up’ variety, but the styles also used soft and frothy textures to create these looks,”  (Think Brigitte Bardot, Raquel Welch, and Jackie Kennedy.) This was a big change from the ’50s styles, which were more conservative and tight.bangs

But if highly teased hair isn’t your thing, no worries. Pixie cuts made famous by Twiggy and Mia Farrow also claimed their place among iconic ’60s hairstyles. And for edgier girls, there was always the mod look of angled bobs and sharp-edged cuts. As you can tell, this decade was anything but boring when it came to hair. “The ’60s hairstyles were diverse, from the bouffant and large flips, to short pixie cuts and long, flowing natural hair,”

To help curb our retro hair obsession, we decided to roundup the best ’60s-inspired looks. What makes these styles so amazing is that they have that ’60s look, but because they’re updated they also have today’s laidback, carefree vibe. A match made in heaven? We think so.


2015 FALL/WINTER Men’s Fashion

This trendy long men’s hair cut, by Koby Ben, is where we predict 2015-2016 fall/winter men’s fashion is headed, which we see it on the runways in Europe and NYC. To achieve this look, Koby used L’anza Healing Oil shampoo and label M Matte Paste for texture and shine.


ALIBI Sombre highlights

Sombre color painting with a long face frame haircut  

Koby Ben

ALIBI is taking curls to the next level

If you looking for a change, whether a short pixie hair cut or a gorgeous textured style for your curls, leave it to us. Our team is refining their skills each week with an intensive training course led by Koby Ben to give you the best, most natural, looking hair that grows well for months.

20130304-cover.WHAT’S IN

This fresh mid-length hair cut, by Koby Ben, is what’s trending right now. The mid-length cut is the best of both worlds – perfect for growing out your shorter pixie or bob, and a liberating change for those looking to lose the weight of longer locks but are tentative about going too short. Also, if you’re on the petite side, this cut will give you the illusion of looking taller. The strawberry blonde highlights peaking through are making us very excited about spring/summer ’15!


elle thing

Alibi in Elle Magazine August 2014

Alibi NYC Salon and Alibi 25 Flatiron has been featured in Elle Magazine as part of the Top 100 Salons in America. Look for Alibi at the top of the list for salons in New York in 2014. With so many salons in the country, we are honored to be recognized as one of the best by Elle Magazine.


Choosing the right color or highlights

                                                    Note From Our Creative Color Team:

As we move into summer, we see a lot more lightness and brightness, blondes, rich browns and soft reds. Balayage color is very in as well as ombre hair painting –  the modern way of coloring and highlighting hair now. Highlights at the root have been done for over 10 years; the new placement is fresh and modern while remaining natural leaving the natural roots creating the look as your hair lightened from a sun kissed on vacation.

Trends change and seasons change; keeping that in mind, painting is a lot more visually designed and is far more creative and fun to wear.

Why is this important?
Stripey highlights look unnatural and can be high maintenance, especially if your hair grows fast. Keeping the highlights off the root allows the client to look more effortless and natural, it’s less maintenance and a fresh bohemian look.

“When a client sits in my chair,” says Amanda May, “I design specifically for their eye color, skin tone and their lifestyle.”
Alibi staff always has ideas and options for each and every one of our clients. We make sure that when our clients leave, they have a new fresh look suited to them, that their hair looks healthy and most importantly, that they feel as beautiful as they look.

We look forward to meeting you!

cut and color by koby ben


How do you know you got a good bob haircut?

Buzz Cuts
note from Koby ben

We’ve all been there…leaving the salon with a fantastic blow out and getting home only to find our hair impossible to style on our own. So, how do we know we got a good haircut?
It’s all about the little details that make a big difference.
Here are some tips for you to keep in mind to prevent your hair from the trauma of a bad bob haircut:

  1. First, your stylist, no matter how busy he/she is, must make time for a good consultation. A consultation goes a long way.
  2. Second sign for a good hair cut is sectioning. Sectioning the hair and mapping the plan for the end result is essential just as your architect would draw the floor plan to a design. A good haircut must have a strong, clear foundation.
  3. Third, good technique usually demonstrates good skills so if your stylist possesses proper technique and finesse with handling tools, it’s a good sign.

Always remember: less is more. If your stylist is using more than 2 styling products and over styling your hair with irons and other styling tools, it means you will have to do the same to achieve the same look at home. Pay attention to how long and how simply he/she makes your hair look good.

Finally, if your hair looks good from the first minute you got it cut until four months after, then you know you found a great stylist.

Love And Embrace Your curls

 This summer, Alibi NYC Salon Creative Team is all about embracing your natural curls, volume, texture, movement. It’s about what is different yet aesthetically pleasing. We created those looks inspired by the natural, bohemian, stylish looking New Yorker walking down the streets. Curls rely on the right cut created using master techniques, proper sectioning, correct products. We do not believe curls need multiple products, less is more. Our approach to curly hair is the same artful approach used for cutting bonsai trees: attention to details, reflecting texture, understanding shape and the natural way of the curl to the finest details. With this in mind, we create intricate cuts that translate to easy, ready to wear styles for your curls. Our passion and dedication to be experts in the art of curls is now translated to our latest summer collections, shared here on this page. These looks were created at one of our monthly creative sessions. Alibi NYC Salon has decided to dedicate and analyze the depths of curls so women can confidently embrace their signature curls.

Before After Curls

Fashion Forecast 2014

This season will be a hot summer. A full range of cheerful, rainbow colors to accentuate and express happiness. Alibi NYC Salon is using pinks, reds and even green. This year Alibi NYC Salon compliments the colorful fashion seen on the catwalk around the world. We’ll show you easy ways to achieve this looks at home using label.m’s Pastel Pink Hair Spray.

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Voted for being the “Best Salon for Ombre Highlights NYC” — We will start with Ombre highlights and then we will talk about Balayage highlights. It’s a boxing match! They are both super hot and beautiful coloring techniques, lets clarify what the difference is and find the right technique for you!



Ombre highlights is a technique now used across the nation and has quickly became a technique every stylist must know how to achieve to please the ever changing and growing styles with in the hair industry. The French termed hair trend features darker, more natural tones at the root area gradually fading into lighter tones on the ends. This technique can be anything from very dark at root area fading into very light for a more dramatic look, or it can be subtle and soft. Both are trendy and look great it just depends on your personal taste and style. Finally, it’s a trend that doesn’t require a busy woman of today’s world to run into the salon every 6 weeks for a touch up! We are proud to be the best salon for Ombre highlights NYC!


Balayage highlights is a French term meaning “to sweep”. This technique was created in the 70’s by free handing color placement onto each strand of hair to emphasis movement while adding depth and creating life to any shade of hair color you choose. Basically, the colorist picks and chooses each highlighted piece and has control over where exactly each piece falls depending on the haircut or desired effect. With this type of control you can choose highlights that are more bold and chunky or soft and sexy. The colorist may choose to use lightener (bleach) for lighter pieces or a high lift color for something subtler. It is possible to ask a skilled stylist to give you a Balayage Highlights with an Ombre Highlights feel to the over all look! The overall result for any Balayage hair painting is a sexy look that grows out naturally without appearing to need a touch up!


Since both Ombre Hair Color and Balayage Hair Color are hand painted effects your choice of stylist will have an effect on how awesome your color turns out. The stylist skill and years of experience all come into play. Our hair salons reputation is known for our signature ombre highlights!

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